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The Water Diviner

In 1919, Australian farmer Joshua Connor travels to Turkey to discover the fate of his three sons, reported missing in action. Holding on to hope, Joshua must travel across the war . . .  more

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Golden Shoes

Golden Shoes (2015) Family ,


With his father MIA at war and his mother critical in hospital, a young boy consoles himself with dreams of playing in the youth soccer league. To do so, he must overcome the adult . . .  more

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My Sister's Keeper

Sara and Brian live an idyllic life with their young son and daughter. But their family is rocked by sudden, heartbreaking news that forces them to make a difficult and unorthodox . . .  more

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Kale is a 17-year-old placed under house arrest after punching his teacher. He is confined to his house, and decides to use his free time spying on his neighbors. Things start to g . . .  more

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Ithaca (2015) Drama ,


In a small town in California's San Joaquin Valley, 14-year-old Homer Macauley is determined to be the best and fastest bicycle telegraph messenger anyone has ever seen. His older . . .  more

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The Visitors: Bastille Day

Stuck in the corridors of time, Godefroy de Montmirail and his faithful servant Jacquouille are projected to a time of profound political and social upheavals: the French Revolutio . . .  more

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Crush (2013) Thriller ,


A secret admirer's crush on a high school athlete takes a fatal turn. . . .  more

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Olympus Has Fallen

When the White House (Secret Service Code: "Olympus") is captured by a terrorist mastermind and the President is kidnapped, disgraced former Presidential guard Mike Banning finds h . . .  more

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The Himalayas

Based on true events, renowned mountaineer UM Hong-gil sets out on a mission to Everest to retrieve his late junior climber's body and faces the greatest challenge of his life. . . .  more

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Baat Bann Gayi

A successful author (Ali Fazal) pretends to be a geek in order to impress his girlfriend's (Anisa) brother (Gulshan Grover), because he expects his brother-in-law to be intelligent . . .  more

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Birdman (2014) Drama ,Comedy,


A fading actor best known for his portrayal of a popular superhero attempts to mount a comeback by appearing in a Broadway play. As opening night approaches, his attempts to become . . .  more

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Chillar Party

A gang of innocent but feisty kids who lead carefree lives in Chandan Nagar colony take own the big bad world of politics when one of their friend's life is endangered. . . .  more

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The Pink Panther 2

When legendary treasures from around the world are stolen, including the priceless Pink Panther Diamond, Chief Inspector Dreyfus is forced to assign Inspector Clouseau to a team of . . .  more

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Project X

Three high school seniors throw a party to make a name for themselves. As the night progresses, things spiral out of control as word of the party spreads. . . .  more

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The Midnight Swim

Spirit Lake is unusually deep. No diver has ever managed to find the bottom. When Dr. Amelia Brooks disappears during a deep-water dive, her three daughters travel home. They find . . .  more

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She's All That

High school hotshot Zach Siler is the envy of his peers. But his popularity declines sharply when his cheerleader girlfriend, Taylor, leaves him for sleazy reality-television star . . .  more

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Buddy Cops

After the hot-tempered police detective Fei messes up yet another operation, he is transferred to a fictional department that houses all the useless staff the force couldn’t sack . . .  more

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Ekk Deewana Tha

Sachin is an engineering graduate from a middle class Mumbai family, but his passion is for the world of cinema. He is dreaming and planning for a future as a director, when he see . . .  more

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Maanav is a struggling filmmaker who will not compromise on the script he has written. His girlfriend Ruchi, a successful film editor, arranges for him to meet film producer Nitin, . . .  more

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ATM (2012) Horror ,Thriller,


On a late night visit to an ATM, three co-workers end up in a desperate fight for their lives when they become trapped by an unknown man. . . .  more

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Showing 24 to 48 of 3903 Movies

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