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Eli Stone | Season 1 Episode 7

  • 2008-03-13
  • 6.7/10
  • 49
  • 01 H 00 M
  • 1
  • 7

Short Description

Eli's new position at the law firm means that he does not have an office, secretary or the power to take cases. Eli takes the case of a 15 year old boy whose mother was killed due to a medical malpractice by Dr. Agon. Dr. Agon worked at the hospital where Nathan works, Eli will have to sue the hospital. Jordan, in the meanwhile, assigns Maggie to be be Eli's head and so Eli has no choice but to take instructions from her. Taylor, however, organizes a live performance by George Michael to square things up with Eli.

Robert Noble

Cleo King

Tom Lenk

Patrick Breen

Kevin Kilner

Bruce French

Jason George

George Michael

Jean Louisa Kelly

Steve Harris

Ken Baumann

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