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Eli Stone | Season 1 Episode 5

  • 2008-02-28
  • 6.7/10
  • 24
  • 01 H 00 M
  • 1
  • 5

Short Description

Eli gets a second attempt to make the case right which he previously won for a large motor vehicle by using questionable tactics. Meanwhile, Jordan introduces a couple of new associates added the W.P.K. named Taylor, who happens to be Jordan's daughter and Eli's ex-fiance, and Keith Bennett. Now Eli will have to deal with with ex-fiance in his office along with visions of him being in Hawaii. These impacts his case negatively due to his weird in the court.

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Ron Underwood

Michael Trucco

Marc Vann

Alanna Ubach

Scottie Thompson

Jason George

Tom Amandes

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