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Doctor Who | Season 3 Episode 13

  • 2007-06-30
  • 6.9/10
  • 16
  • 01 H 20 M
  • 3
  • 13

Short Description

One year has passed since the events of "The Sound of Drums." The Earth has been conquered and its population enslaved, the Doctor is the Master's prisoner, and the warships of a new Time Lord Empire rise from the ashes. The fate of the world is in Martha Jones' hands.

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Russell T. Davies

John Simm

The Master

John Barrowman

Captain Jack Harkness

Reggie Yates

Leo Jones

Tom Ellis

Thomas Milligan

Alexandra Moen

Lucy Saxon

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Adjoa Andoh

Sister Jatt

John Pirkis

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