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Dexter | Season 3 Episode 7

  • 2008-11-09
  • 7.9/10
  • 20
  • 00 H 50 M
  • 3
  • 7

Short Description

Dexter angers Miguel when he says no to his latest offer, who's unsure the next target lives up (or down) to Harry's Code. Meanwhile, an elderly, deathly ill Camilla asks Dexter to kill her, insisting she would never ask a friend to do something against his conscience. Also, Rita discovers that Sylvia believes her husband Miguel has had an affair; and Anton is told he is bait to get at Skinner.

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Steve Shill

Monica Garcia


James Martin Kelly

Malcolm White

Dee Freeman

Mrs. Owens

Kristin Dattilo

Det. Barbara Gianna

Aramis Knight


Anne Ramsay

Ellen Wolf

Jason Manuel Olazabal

Ramon Prado

Liza Lapira

Det. Yuki Amado

Margo Martindale


Valerie Cruz

Sylvia Prado

Bruce Holman

Det. Michael Soderquist

Preston Bailey

Cody Bennett

Christina Robinson

Astor Bennett

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