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Dexter | Season 3 Episode 12

  • 2008-12-14
  • 7.9/10
  • 15
  • 00 H 50 M
  • 3
  • 12

Short Description

It is the day before Dexter's wedding and Dexter must deal with two people targeting him, while preparing for his special occasion. Meanwhile, Angel tells Deb he's put her in for a promotion, but after he finds out some information her shield may be gone before she gets it.

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Keith Gordon

Joseph Trapanese

Band Member: Trombone

Daniel Licht

Band Member: Keyboard

James Moses Black

Sgt. Jesse Whitaker

Frankie J. Allison

Det. Pratt

Jane McLean

Tammy Okama

Kristin Dattilo

Det. Barbara Gianna

Jesse Borrego

George King

Jason Manuel Olazabal

Ramon Prado

Sage Kirkpatrick

Laura Moser

Valerie Cruz

Sylvia Prado

Bruce Holman

Det. Michael Soderquist

Preston Bailey

Cody Bennett

Christina Robinson

Astor Bennett

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