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Doctor Who | Season 1 Episode 9

  • 2005-05-21
  • 6.9/10
  • 31
  • 01 H 20 M
  • 1
  • 9

Short Description

After chasing an unexplained capsule through time, the TARDIS lands in London, during an air raid. Rose investigates when a small child wearing a gasmask, standing on a rooftop, continuously calls out for his mummy. After floating above the city on a barrage balloon, Rose is swept off her feet by another time traveller – Captain Jack Harkness. Meanwhile, The Doctor follows a teenaged girl to a meeting of the homeless children of the Blitz. Here, the child in the gasmask is terrorising them with a parade of strange events, constantly asking for his mother.

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Steven Moffat

Robert Hands


Richard Wilson

Dr. Constantine

Florence Hoath


John Barrowman

Captain Jack Harkness

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