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1 - Pilot

Secret Service agents Lattimer and Bering are "rewarded" with a transfer to the top-secret Warehouse 13. They meet Artie Nielsen, the caretaker of the

Season : 1 | Episode: 1

2 - Resonance

Pete and Myka are after a team of bank robbers who have a distinctive weapon. Meanwhile, Artie examines the security breach at the warehouse.

Season : 1 | Episode: 2

3 - Magnetism

Pete and Myka are sent to investigate a town where the inhabitants' minds are being altered making them act as they please. Meanwhile, Artie is confus

Season : 1 | Episode: 3

4 - Claudia

A woman kidnaps Artie and insists that he help her recover her brother... who was lost in an artifact-related experiment 12 years ago.

Season : 1 | Episode: 4

5 - Elements

The theft of a sculpture leads Myka and Pete to a sacred Indian cave holding an ancient secret of creation... and destruction.

Season : 1 | Episode: 5

6 - Burnout

Pete and Myka take on a previous agent's assignment after the man's corpse turns up in the basement of a St. Louis police station.

Season : 1 | Episode: 6

7 - Implosion

Pete and Myka return to Washington to intercept a samurai sword that is to be presented to the president, and they discover a competitor for items tha

Season : 1 | Episode: 7

8 - Duped

Pete and Myka go to Las Vegas to fetch an artifact that is helping a couple of gamblers, but the mission goes awry when Myka becomes trapped in a famo

Season : 1 | Episode: 8

9 - Regrets

Pete and Myka visit a Florida prison to probe a spate of unexplained suicides. Meanwhile, Claudia changes a light bulb with the help of an artifact.

Season : 1 | Episode: 9

10 - Breakdown

Artie gets questioned by the Regents and Mrs. Frederic. Meanwhile, Pete, Myka and Claudia become trapped inside Warehouse 13, where a dangerous predic

Season : 1 | Episode: 10

11 - Nevermore

After receiving word that her father is dying, Myka travels home to see her parents.

Season : 1 | Episode: 11

12 - MacPherson

The team discovers that MacPherson is auctioning artifacts he has siphoned from the Warehouse shelves.

Season : 1 | Episode: 12

1 - Time Will Tell

In the season two premiere, we pick up right where we left off. MacPherson has blown Artie to smithereens, and disappeared. Is Leena really a traitor?

Season : 2 | Episode: 1

2 - Mild Mannered

A super-powered vigilante is at large in Detroit, and the agents try to track down the person responsible. Meanwhile, things between Leena and Claudia

Season : 2 | Episode: 2

3 - Beyond Our Control

When an artifact meant for the Warehouse turns up in the small town next door, the team finds themselves in the middle of a B-movie meltdown complete

Season : 2 | Episode: 3

4 - Age Before Beauty

When young super models rapidly age 50 years overnight, Pete and Myka go undercover in the glam world of high fashion to discover who – and what –

Season : 2 | Episode: 4

5 - 13.1

Douglas Fargo of Eureka's Global Dynamics is sent to Warehouse 13 to help update its aging computer system. This triggers a seemingly sentient compute

Season : 2 | Episode: 5

6 - Around the Bend

Mrs. Frederick secretly recruits Pete to find a mole within the organization who is buying artifacts. However, when the mole finds out, they go after

Season : 2 | Episode: 6

7 - For the Team

Claudia has just been given her first assignment, but when it involves a real human torch and H.G. Wells could it be too much for her to handle? Not t

Season : 2 | Episode: 7

9 - Vendetta

Someone is using Artie's artifacts to commit a series of murders.

Season : 2 | Episode: 9

11 - Buried (1)

When Mrs. Frederic is stricken ill, the agents must search for a cure before it's too late. Their quest takes them to Egypt and the long-lost Warehous

Season : 2 | Episode: 11

12 - Reset (2)

The team tries to track down their rogue member, and discover the artifact they have is unexpectedly powerful. Meanwhile, Claudia wonders about her fu

Season : 2 | Episode: 12

13 - Secret Santa

As the Warehouse team prepares to celebrate the holidays in snowy South Dakota, Pete and Myka are called upon to hunt down a malevolent Santa Claus. M

Season : 2 | Episode: 13

1 - The New Guy

When we last left agents Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer at the conclusion of season 2, Myka had decided to leave the top secret team with little to no

Season : 3 | Episode: 1

2 - Trials

While Pete and Myka go after someone using an artifact to induce Alzheimer's, Claudia goes on her first case as a full agent with Steve to track down

Season : 3 | Episode: 2

3 - Love Sick

While Artie and Claudia meet with Vanessa Calder and Hugo Miller to investigate a computer virus that transforms people into clay, Myka and Pete wake

Season : 3 | Episode: 3

4 - Queen for a Day

Pete's ex-wife arrives in town to remarry, but an artifact may derail the wedding. Steve and Claudia visit a Civil War reenactment in search of an art

Season : 3 | Episode: 4

5 - 3...2...1...

When a series of mysterious disintegration deaths occur in Pittsburgh, the team discovers that the artifact responsible, Joshua's Horn, has ties to He

Season : 3 | Episode: 5

6 - Don't Hate the Player

Pete, Claudia, and Myka are called in to help Fargo, who is trapped in a virtual reality swords & sorcery game. Meanwhile, Artie and Steve are summone

Season : 3 | Episode: 6

7 - Past Imperfect

While in Denver, Myka picks up the trail of the counterfeiter who killed her former partner, Sam Martino. Meanwhile, Artie, Claudia, and Steve interro

Season : 3 | Episode: 7

8 - The 40th Floor

Sally Stukowski and her partner make their move, attacking the Regents and using an artifact to trap them in a building and bring it down around them.

Season : 3 | Episode: 8

9 - Shadows

While Pete and his mother Jane try to determine the origins of their mysterious opponents, Myka and Claudia travel to Portland to stop a girl who can

Season : 3 | Episode: 9

10 - Insatiable

Myka and Pete deal with a plague of zombies in Ithaca, while Claudia deals with a new romance, a prophecy of death, and a rejection from a friend.

Season : 3 | Episode: 10

11 - Emily Lake

As Sykes begins his end game, the agents discover that Helena is still alive... and teaching high school literature. Meanwhile, Jane reveals the full

Season : 3 | Episode: 11

12 - Stand

Pete and Myka race to stop Sykes from using his own cache of artifacts to destroy them and the Warehouse.

Season : 3 | Episode: 12

13 - The Greatest Gift

Pete Lattimer is hit in the head by an artifact and wakes up to a life where he was never born. Pete must hunt down and persuade the Warehouse team (n

Season : 3 | Episode: 13

1 - A New Hope

In the aftermath of the warehouse's destruction, the Warehouse team races against the clock to find a way to undo time itself and put right what went

Season : 4 | Episode: 1

2 - An Evil Within

While Claudia tries to help a friend and gets unexpected help, Pete and Myka investigate an artifact that causes crowds to see certain individuals as

Season : 4 | Episode: 2

3 - Personal Effects

A cache of Walter Skyes' stolen artifacts turn up and all six agents go into the field to recover them. Artie unexpectedly reveals his secret to Leena

Season : 4 | Episode: 3

4 - There's Always a Downside

While Pete and Claudia help Hugo Miller track down a bag of marbles at a boy's academy, Myka and Steve travel to New Orleans on the trail of another a

Season : 4 | Episode: 4

5 - No Pain No Gain

While Pete and Myka go to Toronto to investigate an invulnerable hockey player, Steve helps Artie track down stolen artifacts while Claudia meets with

Season : 4 | Episode: 5

6 - Fractures

The Brotherhood continues its assault on Artie's life, targeting someone close to him with Alice Liddell, the imprisoned spirit within the Dodgson Mir

Season : 4 | Episode: 6

7 - Endless Wonder

While Pete and Myka investigate a series of artifact-related growth spurts, Artie reluctantly takes Steve and Claudia with him to track down Brother A

Season : 4 | Episode: 7

8 - Second Chance

While Pete and Myka travel to West Virginia to investigate a rust-like infection among steelworkers, Steven and Claudia go to Steven's home to find a

Season : 4 | Episode: 8

9 - The Ones You Love

Pete, Myka, and Claudia set off to rescue their loved ones when Brother Adrian sends them deadly artifacts. Meanwhile, Mrs. Frederic and Steve travel

Season : 4 | Episode: 9

10 - We All Fall Down

The team have no time to mourn a fallen comrade as they go after the person responsible, the nemesis that has been stalking Artie since he used Magell

Season : 4 | Episode: 10

11 - The Living and the Dead

With the fate of the world in their hands, Pete and Myka's only hope of finding a cure to the Sweating Sickness is a drunken history professor. Meanwh

Season : 4 | Episode: 11

12 - Parks and Rehabilitation

While Pete and Claudia travel to Oregon to look for an artifact used to kill enemies of the environmental movement, Artie deals with the repercussions

Season : 4 | Episode: 12

13 - The Big Snag

A mishap with an artifact traps Pete and Myka in a fictional 1940s world where they have to solve a murder to escape... but someone doesn't want them

Season : 4 | Episode: 13

14 - The Sky's the Limit

While Pete and Myka travel to Las Vegas to investigate two deaths where the people inexplicably fell from great heights, Claudia and Steven investigat

Season : 4 | Episode: 14

15 - Instinct

H.G. has created a new life for herself in Wisconsin, but calls in the agents when she comes up against an unidentified artifact. Meanwhile, Abigail j

Season : 4 | Episode: 15

16 - Runaway

Pete, Myka, and Steven team up with a U.S. Marshal to track down two prisoners who used a lava-spewing artifact to escape prison. However, they discov

Season : 4 | Episode: 16

17 - What Matters Most

Someone in a gated community is using an artifact to extract vengeance and Myka and Pete go to investigate. Meanwhile, Artie and Claudia help a teen s

Season : 4 | Episode: 17

18 - Lost & Found

The agents track down a cache of artifacts stolen from Warehouse 12 by the infamous Roaring Dan Seavey... and guarded by his ghost. Meanwhile, Charlot

Season : 4 | Episode: 18

19 - All the Time in the World

Pete, Myka, and Charlotte must track down Sutton, the only man who knows where they can find Paracelsus and exchange the Philosopher's Stone for the s

Season : 4 | Episode: 19

20 - The Truth Hurts

Pete and Myka capture Paracelsus but not before he makes himself immortal. When Myka's cancer becomes worse, Pete must make a deal with Paracelsus to

Season : 4 | Episode: 20

1 - Endless Terror

When Paracelsus takes control of Warehouse 13, it proves to only be the first step in his plan to recreate the entire world in his image. To stop him,

Season : 5 | Episode: 1

2 - Secret Services

While Pete and Myka team up with two former Secret Service co-workers to investigate a series of bizarre deaths in Washington DC, Artie agrees to show

Season : 5 | Episode: 2

3 - A Faire to Remember

While Pete and Steven check out a life-threatening incident at a renaissance faire, Myka agrees to help Claudia revive her comatose sister. However, t

Season : 5 | Episode: 3

4 - Savage Seduction

Pete's former girlfriend Kelly Hernandez asks him to help her find her missing grandmother, and the trail leads into a cancelled telenovela. Meanwhile

Season : 5 | Episode: 4

5 - Cangku Shisi

The alternate-timeline Valda makes his move, using Claire as his mindless slave. As Valda sets out to move Warehouse 13 to a new location that he can

Season : 5 | Episode: 5

6 - Endless

While the team deals with the news that Warehouse 13 is moving, Mrs. Frederic has them load their greatest memories of their missions into an artifact

Season : 5 | Episode: 6

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