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1 - The National Anthem

Prime Minister Michael Callow faces a shocking dilemma when Princess Susannah, a much-loved member of the Royal Family, is kidnapped.

Season : 1 | Episode: 1

2 - Fifteen Million Merits

After failing to impress the judges on a singing competition show, a woman must either perform degrading acts or return to a slave-like existence.

Season : 1 | Episode: 2

1 - Be Right Back

After learning about a new service that lets people stay in touch with the deceased, a lonely, grieving Martha reconnects with her late lover.

Season : 2 | Episode: 1

2 - White Bear

Victoria wakes up and cannot remember anything about her life. Everyone she encounters refuses to communicate with her.

Season : 2 | Episode: 2

3 - The Waldo Moment

A failed comedian who voices a popular cartoon bear named Waldo finds himself mixing in politics when TV executives want Waldo to run for office.

Season : 2 | Episode: 3

1 - Nosedive

A woman desperate to boost her social media score hits the jackpot when she's invited to a swanky wedding. But the trip doesn't go as planned.

Season : 3 | Episode: 1

2 - Playtest

An American traveler short on cash signs up to test a revolutionary new gaming system, only to discover the thrills are a little too real.

Season : 3 | Episode: 2

3 - Shut Up and Dance

After a virus infects his laptop, a teen faces a daunting choice: carry out orders delivered by text message, or risk having intimate secrets exposed.

Season : 3 | Episode: 3

4 - San Junipero

In a seaside town in 1987, a shy young woman and an outgoing party girl strike up a powerful bond that seems to defy the laws of space and time.

Season : 3 | Episode: 4

5 - Men Against Fire

After his first battle with an elusive enemy, a soldier begins experiencing unfamiliar sensations and strange technical glitches.

Season : 3 | Episode: 5

6 - Hated in the Nation

The death of a journalist at the center of a social media firestorm leads a veteran detective and her tech-savvy apprentice to a chilling discovery.

Season : 3 | Episode: 6

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