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1 - Pilot

A history professor's life is turned upside down when she's tapped to join an unlikely team tasked with stopping a man bent on changing the past - and

Season : 1 | Episode: 1

3 - Atomic City

In Rat Pack-era Vegas, the team is hot on Flynn’s heels with the era’s most infamous mistress in toe.

Season : 1 | Episode: 3

4 - Party at Castle Varlar

The trio teams up with one of literature's most popular figures, James Bond creator Ian Fleming, to defeat Flynn's sinister plot in Nazi Germany.

Season : 1 | Episode: 4

5 - The Alamo

The team races to stop Flynn before the bloody Battle of the Alamo ensues, but will it be victory or death for our time-traveling trio?

Season : 1 | Episode: 5

6 - The Watergate Tape

The trio races to catch Flynn in 1972 before he can steal the mysterious missing minutes of the Watergate tape, but personal secrets threaten to tear

Season : 1 | Episode: 6

7 - Stranded

The team must battle the French, Indians and Mother Nature after Flynn sabotages the Lifeboat and traps them back in Western Pennsylvania circa 1754.

Season : 1 | Episode: 7

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